Why would I want a split-cane rod?
In the same way as any modern car can get you to your destination, arriving having driven yourself in a 1961 Ferrari California 250 GT California will leave you feeling altogether different.
Cane rods are unique in how they cast, the natural dampening effect of the fibres within bamboo means that you will fish better, enjoy your fishing more and then be able to pass on to the next generation something that is fundamentally special, unique and increasingly rare.
Just hope they don't immediately break it like I did with my Father's Palakona...
How do I chose what I need or want?
We can make almost anything possible, hexagonal, pentagonal and quadrate rods with any taper with or without a swell, any type of reel seat, cork or rattan grip, wood inserts, feather inlay, coloured or clear guide wraps in silk and custom engraved metalwork.
The best thing to do is pick up the phone or come and see us in Kent, you can try some rods and see what you like best.